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Online Food Order Page, QR Menu, Table Management and more ...

Online Food Order Page allows you to get and manage food orders through web browsers belongs to your own business domain name.

Would you like to receive your orders through a customized food order page for your restaurant / cafe and increase your online food orders?

You can create your own account for your business in 2 min. View the administration panel and front pages.

Download and test Android or Windows apps.

What We Offer?

Web Food Order Page

Have a web food order page belongs to your business domain name, Get online orders and gain greater online visibility !

Customers who reach your online food order page, place their food orders easily and shortly. No application downloads are required. No registration required. You receive instant notifications, review and approve orders.

Let customers to find you through on Google search on your location and order through your order page.

  • Different order options are available. "Buy Now", "Buy Later" or "Pick Up".
  • Different payment options, "Cash Payment / Card Payment at the Door" and "Online Payment".
  • Verified customer orders, customer loyalty record, special discounts and more.

Mobile Food Order Page

With mobile food order page, all your customers can easily reach your page in nearby restaurant searches and order easily.

  • Get orders through mobile phones and tablet devices without any application required.
  • Your customers can share their location If they wish and place their orders to selected location easily.
  • Different order options are available. "Buy Now", "Buy Later" or "Pick Up".
  • Different payment options, Cash Payment / Card Payment at the Door" and "Online Payment".
  • Verified customer orders, customer loyalty record, special discounts and more.

QR Menu Order & Payment

Customers in your restaurant can access your menu through their mobile devices by scanning the QR code on the tables. They can place their orders and pay. No application is required to order with Qr menu.

  • View the menu by using the mobile device
  • Reliable order with general QR Code
  • Fast and reliable order with special QR Code
  • Place an order
  • Share the table, share payments or bulk pay
  • Cash or online payment facility
  • Ratings and Reviews
  • Customer loyalty record and special discounts

Restaurant Table Management

It is very easy to manage your table orders with the table management.

  • Create your floor plan to manage tables of the different areas in your restaurant
  • Choose the table
  • Select the foods from the menu and add them to the table account
  • Split or merge the orders on the tables
  • Split or merge the accounts on the table
  • Serve orders to tables on time
  • Offer cash or online payment
  • Ratings and reviews


Get your reservation requests through the same system as your online web & mobile order page.

Let your customers create a reservation request by selecting the day and time through your page. Check the request and If available confirm the requested time. Contact your customers If you wish.

  • Have full control over your reservations
  • Receive a notification for each new reservation

Live Order Tracking

Your customers can track their orders at every stage, by this way they are sure that their orders will be delivered on time without worry. This eliminates unnecessary phone traffic questioning the order.

On the other hand, reports give you control over your past orders. Auto control works correctly, you as a business owner do not deal with any problem such as which order arrives at what time and at what stage.

Easy Order & Timely Order Notification

You are notified on time for each received order by whatsapp, e-mail and application notifications.

You can see your customers' all food order details, requested payment method, purchase method, requested time and delivery location for the each order you receive. Having all these details about your orders ensure that all they are completed smoothly and delivered on time.

Get Instant

Order Notifications

Receive an audio order notification, whatsapp and e-mail notification for every new order. So you do not miss or late any food order.

Accept and Prepare

View the received order, approve it if appropriate and start to prepare.

Deliver or Pick Up Option

Deliver your order or wait for your customer to come and pick it up as the requested purchase method. Get your payment.

Gain greater online visibility

Your food order page increases your restaurant's online visibility and allows people who wants to order on your area to reach your order page.

Increase your online food orders

Customers who are within the delivery distance of your restaurant can access your food order page via search engines, they can easily place their orders, track the live order status, rate and comment.

Register Now or Contact Us

You can set up quickly an online food order page for your restaurant. Use it just for the online food order page or for all services together as you wish. It’s easy to start and set it up. 

Sign Up in a minute and create your web order page by yourself. This is completely cost free. Else you can also ask our support team to do it for you. We're ready to accelerate your online business setup!

An Advanced Table Management, Online and QR Ordering System

Get a simple and advanced online food order page today!

Combine online orders, qr menu and order management, table tracking and order management, reservations,

customer loyalty and personnel tracking with a single program. Or use the system just for an online food order page as you wish.

Start taking online food orders from your own customized food order page. Manage it on your pc, mobile phone or tablet.

Get rid of order notes that cannot be tracked by phone traffic.

Features Providing Confidence

in Online Order Management

Reliable Orders

In order to confirm the customer who has placed the order, we verify it with Push notification otp.

Instant Order Notification

Get an audio notification, whatsapp and e-mail notification for each order and also get a call from the customers for orders not approved yet. So you do not miss any new order and order detail.

Ratings and Reviews

Your customers can rate and comment on your services. By this way you can also increase your online visibility in search engines.

Get a simple and advanced online food order page.

You can manage the order page via web or app.

Try it for free!

No risk. Credit card is not needed.

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